I'm Toronto-based Freelance Software Consultant. With Internet, geography is no longer a barrier to providing quality work that matches your needs. I can design and implement solutions, from requirements to code. Contracting services will result in a product that will be delivered to the client.

I can create an application using modern Microsoft technologies (.Net) that can do just what you need for the way you do business. This makes for a smoother transition, and lets your staff help with the testing, saving you money and giving them greater confidence in your new system. If you know what you want I can do that for you!


  • Business web site solution including but not limited to ecommerce.
  • Desktop Applications. That is, Application that runs on a single computer.
  • Distributed Applications. That is, Application that runs on a local network.

For more technical information about technologies I use, go to Technology page.

Application downloads

Today computer security is a hot issue. And I have a couple of cryptographic Demo applications. These are Demo versions. It means that they don't have high level of security. To get applications with professional security level contact me.

  • Enigma. This is a file encryption/decryption application. You can use it to protect information on your computer for example.
  • FigVam. This is a file exchange application. You can use it to communicate via Internet for example.

You can contact me here. More than 20 years of experience can make a BIG difference!